Naruto shippuden episodes – the Adventure Continues

Following the success of its predecessor, Naruto shippuden was also turned into anime series that were aired for local and international audiences. Naruto shippuden is basically the continuation of Naruto and his ninja friends’ journey to defeat Orochimaru and save Sasuke. Naruto shippuden episodes are still directed by Hayato Date and produced by Pierrot Studio and TV Tokyo. The storyline continued and started to be broadcasted in TV Tokyo on 15 February 2007. Besides airing anime series, Pierrot Studiohas developed eight serial films and some original video animation (OVA), including for Naruto.


Naruto shippuden episodes, the English version


Just like the previous part, Viz Media also initiated to provide English subtitle for each of Naruto shippuden episodes in 2008, this time, in collaboration with Crunchyroll. Later, at the Anime Expo 2009, the episodes of Naruto shippuden series were available in DVD format, which was released firstly on 29 September 2009 in North America. Naruto shippuden was produced with 220 episodes, with the English dub version was broadcasted on Disney XD starting from 28 October 2009. However, the English dub version broadcasting on Disney XD later was cancelled, but then aired back on Neon Alley in October 2012.


For the DVD version, each box set contains thirteen episodes, released quarterly. The DVDs are divided into six set, which contain Naruto Shippuden episodes from 1-355. The DVD production also included special feature based on the second ending of the series, and limited edition of the DVDs are available that contains special footage from every episode.


List of Naruto shippuden episodes


As the second part of Naruto’s adventure, Naruto shippuden is divided into 15 seasons, aired from 2007 to 2013-2014. The first episode of the first season entitled “Homecoming” was aired on 25 February 2007 that told about the return of Naruto to Konoha, and ended with episode entitled “Return of the Kazekage” on 25 October 2007.


The episode entitled “The New Target” marked the beginning of the second season, which was broadcasted on 8 November 2007, and ended on 3 April 2008 with episode entitled “Title”. Season 3 and 4 of Naruto shippuden began on 3 April 2008, and ended on 11 December 2008 with episode entitled “Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken!”.


The long lists of Naruto shippuden episodes continue in the Season 5 (18 December 2008-5 June 2009, Season 6 (11 June 2009-14 January 2010), Season 7 (21 January 2010-11 March 2010), Season 8 (25 March 2010-26 August 2010), Season 9 (2 September 2010-27 January 2011), Season 10 (10 February 2011-28 July 2011), Season 11 (28 July 2011-28 December 2011), Season 12 (5 January 2012-16 August 2012), Season 13 (23 August 2012-10 January 2013), Season 14 (17 January 2013-4 July 2013), and the last Season 15 that aired from 18 July 2013 and will be ended on the next 13 March 2014.


Naruto Anime: From Image to Visual

When firstly aired in 2001, Naruto anime was successfully compete with other first-aired anime such as Dragon Ball. The story was adapted from Masashi Kishimoto’ manga with the same title, which was firstly published in 1997. The anime series were produced by Pierrot Studio and Aniplex, and aired in TV Tokyo, a special anime satellitetelevision network, Animax, and other TX TV networks on October 2003.


The first part consisted of 220 Naruto episodes, which were aired through 9 seasons. The first season of the second series started to be aired in February 2007. Directed by Hayato Date the first 135 episodes were made based on the manga created by Kishimoto, while the rest 85 episodes were made exclusively to the anime. Naruto, as the fans have recognized, tells about the adventure of a young ninja, Naruto to become the next strongest leader in his village (Hokage), and to rescue his friend, Sasuke, from the evil Orochimaru.


Naruto episodes Adapted to English Version


The success of this anime in Japan brought Cartoon Network to adapt the series into English version. In Japan, the 220 episodes were aired between October 2001 and February 2006, while the airing of the English version began in September 2005. Due to the closure of Toonami program in Cartoon Network TV, Viz then released the DVD version in September 2009. The remaining episodes in English were transferred for airing in Canada on YTV from October to December 2009.


The DVD Version of Naruto Anime


The fans of Naruto do not necessarily stop watching the series. Since Naruto episodes are available on DVD, people can access the anime again. For the DVD version, there are five series, including four episodes per volume, and this version was the only one that is collected in VHS format.


List of Naruto episodes


The first season of Naruto’s adventure began with the first episode entitled “Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!”, and ended with the episode “The Scroll’s Secret: No Peeking Allowed” that was aired in May 28, 2003. Season 2 of Naruto episodes began in 4 June 2003 with the episode title “Clone vs. Clone: Mine are Better than Yours!”, and ended in 12 May 2004. Season 3 began in 19 May 2004, and ended in 20 April 2005 with the closing episode entitled “The Secrets of the Mangekyo Sharingan!”.


The fourth season of the series began in 27 April 2005 with episode entitled “For a Friend”, and ended in 17 May 2006. Episode entitled “Laughing Sino” started the fifth series of Naruto part one, which was aired in 25 May 2006. The Part I of Naruto episodes were officially ended in 8 February 2007.


Naruto Games: Various Versions for Game Lovers

With the huge popularity and list of fans of various ages, Naruto has its video games version that appears on various consoles. Most of the games show the adventure of Naruto in becoming Hokage and fighting his enemies. Along with their long series, Naruto games also have various versions of story line and features, but most of them allow the players to control the characters to fight against another character controlled by the game or by another player. By constantly fighting, the aim is to reduce the opponent’s health level to zero using techniques and attacks used in Naruto anime or manga version.


Naruto games: the best anime versions


The very first Naruto video game was Naruto: Konoha Ninpocho, which was released in 2003. Since then, most of Naruto games were released only in Japan, and the first naruto game that was released outside the country was Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen, or Naruto: Clash of Ninja for its America title. The next game was Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu, or Naruto: Ninja Council for its America title. In 2012, approximately 10 millions of game copies have been sold worldwide.


One of the most recent Naruto games was Naruto shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation. This game provides excellent battle just as the previous Storm series, with excellent visuals quality, featuring 72 playable characters. There are basic attacks that allow players to use chakra and dash together to move farther and quicker, or to combine chakra and attack to generate special moves.


Naruto games in Online Version


You can enter the world of excitement playing the online version of Naruto games with other players and defeating each other. You can make your own character by choosing three different fighting styles from Ninjutsu, Genjitsu, or Taijutsu. You can unlock characters by winning the game, and they can be thrown into your team.


The story line is, of course, designed the same as Naruto’s adventure in the anime. Every character is equipped with weapon and skills to use at the battle. You can upgrade the equipment by purchasing the special items with money, just like other online games.


Naruto Games in Trading Card


The trading card was produced by Bandai in 2003, based on the Naruto series. This game requires two players who must defeat each other. To win this game, one must achieve ten ‘battle rewards’ or exhaust the opponent’s deck. Each set consists of a game mat, the “turn maker”, and “Ninja blade coin”.


Naruto shippuden Story Line: Finding Sasuke

Naruto shippuden is basically the ‘sequel’ of Naruto. It is the second part that tells Naruto’s journey to become the next Hokage, and still corresponds with the second half of the first part of Naruto. However, the shippuden shows a more mature version of Uzumaki Naruto, who, not only tries to rescue his friend, Sasuke from Orochimaru, but must also deal with more powerful enemy, Akatsuki and his organization.


Naruto shippuden: Back to Konoha


After 3 years, Naruto and Jiraiya were back to Konoha. At the same time, in Suna, Gaara was kidnapped by Deidara and Sasori from Akatsuki, and brought to Akatsuki base. After hearing about the condition, Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi immediately headed to Suna. With Kakashi’s order, Naruto began his mission to save Gaara from the hand of Atsuki along with the Guy and Chiyo, a physiotherapist who is also Gaara’s grandmother.


Deidara tried to take out the Bijuu inside Gaara’s body, but then failed by Team 7 and the Guy who broke into Akatsuki’s hideout and fought them. In the fight, Deidara fled with Gaara, but Team 9 who helped Team 7 then founded them. However, Deidara managed to escape and Naruto took the wounded Gaara. His critical condition forced Chiyo to sacrifice herself and save Gaara from death.


Looking for Uchihara Sasuke


Naruto shippuden also shows the determination of Naruto to find Sasuke. In Konoha, Kakashi was seriously wounded after he used Mangekyou Sharingan too much. He was then replaced by Yamato, an anbu. The new character, Sai, was pointed to complete the team. In order to search for Sasuke, the new Team 7 (Sakura, Naruto, Yamato who replaced Kakashi, and Sai who replaced Sasuke) headed to a bridge where Sasori, with his spy Kabuto, held a secret meeting. It turned out that Kabuto just pretended to be a spy to trick Sasori.


In that place, Orochimaru occurred and battle was inevitable. Yamato fought Orochimaru and Kabuto. Naruto and Sakura came to help, and he used his kyuubi power to defeat Orochimaru. However, he was unable to control his power and injure Sakura. Unfortunately, Orochimaru managed to escape, and Yamato, with his chakra, sealed and turned Naruto into his normal shape.


In short, Naruto shippuden tells us about how Naruto managed to get into Orochimaru and Sasuke’s hideout. However, although Sasuke was found, he was arrogant, and told Naruto that was willing to be used by Orochimaru to take revenge to Itachi Uchiha. With his power, Sasuke was able to beat them all, and he sent Team 7 back into Konoha disillusioned.


Naruto characters and Their Roles in the Anime Series

Naruto was created for the first time in 1999 in a manga with the same title, which was published in Shonen Jump magazine in Japan. This manga gained so much popularity with its sales record of more than 126.500.000 in Japan, thanks to the interesting Naruto characters. It was then what made the manga adopted into anime series, also with the same title in 2002 until today.


Naruto characters in the Anime Series


There are some important characters in Naruto. All of them support him in achieving his dream as the next Hokage (the strongest person that lead Konoha). Here are some Naruto characters you can find in the series:

·           Uzumaki Naruto

This is the main protagonist in Naruto characters. Naruto became the jinchuriki of the nine-tailed monsters called kyuubi that attacked the village. His father, Namikaze Minato, is none other than the father of Naruto (Yondaime Hokage/the fourth Hokage) sealed Kyuubi into the newly born Naruto to protect the villagers. That ritual resulted in the death of Namikaze himself. His lively character somehow is one of Naruto’s unique traits. Therefore, he was able to befriend with lots of Shinobi in Konoha. Naruto has an ambition to become the next Hokage, and together with his friends, Sakura and Sasuke, he started his journey to achieve his goal.

·           Uchiha Sasuke

The next person in Naruto characters is Sasuke Uchiha. He is one of the members of Team 7. He is handsome and smart. Sasuke is one of theremainingdescendants of Uchiha clan, and is destined to be the rival of Naruto. His brother, Itachi Uchiha, is the one that killed the entire Uchiha family. In the first part, Sasuke left Konoha with the intention to kill his brother for revenge. Sasuke learned his friendship with Naruto and Sakura only weakened him, so then he sought for more power, and learned from Orochimaru, the criminal.

·           Haruno Sakura

In list of Naruto characters, she is the only female member of team 7. Sakura fell in love with Sasuke, and constantly quarreled with Naruto. In the first part, she felt very depressed when Sasuke left Konoha, so Naruto made a promise to bring him back no matter what.

·           Hatake Kakashi

Kakashi is the sensei of Naruto and his team member. He taught them to become genin. Although his character looks weak, he is actually a genius shinobi who has Mangekyo Sharingan. Kakashi always covers his face, and none of his students ever saw his face.


There are lots of interesting things in Naruto. They include the idea behind the story, the plotting, and Naruto characters themselves. Therefore, getting familiar with the characters is helpful before enjoying the plot.